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Our Vision

Initiative, Intuition, Innovation, Visionary, Invention

Our Products reflect the changing world of healthcare provision.  The influence of innovations in formulation, development and digital health have meant that a more tailored approach to patient care can now achieve much greater benefits.  For patients these benefits mean a higher level of symptom remission; for healtcare providers, these benefits mean improved adherance to therapy and a resultant greatly improved cost benefit relationship.   

Our objective at Invisio is to utilise the advantages given to us by having a small, highly experienced team.  We are nimble, results-focused and quick to develop alternative treatments based around existing products to fully capitalise on  our capabilities.  Our vision is to develop a portfolio of multi-disciplinary products bringing together the fields of reformulation, medical devices, and digital health.


"Our target is to be a world class Healthcare hub with UK national operations and a co-operative network across the globe."

- Russ Pendleton, CEO

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