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Digital Health

Doctor Using Digital Tablet
Scientist on Computer

Changing The Future of Healthcare Provision

Wasted or unused medication is estimated to have cost the NHS £300 million in 2015, with up to an estimated 30% of prescription medications being wasted, or taken incorrectly. Furthermore, it is estimated that every year in the European Union 200,000 people die due to failing to correctly take their medication. Drug Wastage is an issue that is not only costing an already struggling NHS millions, but putting lives at risk.


Up to 37% of adults report difficulties swallowing tablets - 80.5% of whom state that they have not discussed these issues with a physician or pharmacist.  For patients suffering from psychiatric or neurological disorders, adherance to therapy can be a major issue, often as a consequence of symptoms caused by the conditions.

Invisio is working with experts in the field of digital health to create integrated platforms that will offer solutions to these complex issues.

These platforms work on a bi-modal basis, breaking down barriers between medical professionals and patients. 

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